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Part NCC
Part NCC - Bespoke Aviation
3/3/2016 3:20:24 PM
New Regulations Affecting Private Ops Aircraft
Part-NCC represents a major overhaul in the regulations which govern the non-commercial operations of complex aircraft. The intention of the EU legislator is to increase safety levels across private operations by increasing the requirements (organisation, training, reporting) for operating a complex aircraft in a non-commercial environment. All operators of non-commercial complex aircraft, having their principal place of business or residence in the EU will be expected to comply with EASA Part-NCC.
Thought some EU Member States have different compliance deadlines (i.e. France, by Aug 2015) most have until August 2016 – but this is still a very short amount of time in which to comply.
The National Aviation Authority (NAA) of each EU Member State is currently developing a transition programme for Part-NCC and many private operators are now looking for help in understanding the scope of applicability and the requirements for compliance.
Part-NCC applies to:
·         any complex or non-complex operator; the complexity being determined by the operator’s activity and fleet
·         engaged in non-commercial operations
·         of complex motor-powered aircraft, i.e. all business jets and all aircraft with more than one turboprop engine
·         and having its principal place of business or residence in one of the EASA Member States.
Complying with this regulation is not going to be an easy task, especially as most operators will need to restructure the way they operate. With the implementation date fast approaching, Bespoke Aviation aims to assist those operators who will (or may) be affected by Part-NCC with ensuring that they are prepared and appropriately resourced to comply with the regulation.
Aircraft owners have the option to continue operating their aircraft by themselves and restructure in the process or to entrust the OPS to a third party (AOC or any other NCC operator).
Bespoke Aviation will assist you with the considerations of:
·         Identify the best operational options for non-commercial operators submitted to part-NCC
·         Identify the scope of applicability of Part-NCC for non-commercial operators of aircraft registered in non-EU countries but based in Europe.
·         Identify and outline who could be the operator under Part-NCC
·         Determine the “principal place of business” or residence of the operator under Part-NCC
·         Assist and advise the operators in the establishment of their own operational structure
·         Assist operators in their compliance process, in particular by developing their Management System, Operations Manuals and Safety Management System, by preparing the specific approval records, training and Dangerous Goods programmes and all other necessary documents.
·         Prepare all agreements needed (operations, management, services, employment, CAMP, etc)
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