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IAA Aircraft/Ground Radio Survey
4/30/2015 6:59:23 PM

Currently, radios used by General Aviation aircraft in Ireland, are only required to operate with 25 kHz spacing. This means that radios used display 2 decimal places e.g. 127.50. New European Regulations[1] require, by 31st December 2017 at the latest, all radios used for aircraft communications, shall have 8.33 kHz channel spacing capability. This means that future radio frequencies will have 3 decimal places e.g. 122.890 .

This requirement will apply to all radios, whether they are installed in an aircraft, handheld or on the ground at an airfield, irrespective of the class of airspace in which they are used.

As part of a Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA), the IAA is conducting a survey of General Aviation aircraft and ground-to-air radios. The aim of the survey is to understand the impact that this European Regulation will have on the General Aviation community in Ireland and to analyse any measures which can be taken to mitigate that impact. The Aircraft/Ground Radio Survey is available here : until Friday 29th May.

The survey must be completed for each radio, one set of responses per radio.

The information provided will not be used for any purpose other than this RIA.

Your participation in this survey is very much appreciated.

[1] Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) No 1079/2012 laying down the requirements for voice channels spacing for the single European sky.
Low Fuel Lagos/DNMM
4/30/2015 3:54:14 PM
30APR15 1400z
Reports that Low Fuel warning at DNMM now turned to NIL STOCK.
MRS Oil Nigeria temp out of stock. So Aviation were picking up the slack until today.
Local FBO expect stocks to be replenished by 01MAY15
Blackpool Airport/EGNH GSE online Auction
4/28/2015 9:55:42 PM
Viewing: Tuesday 12th May 2015 - By Appointment Only

Fire/Rescue, Fuel Bowzers, Tugs, Airstairs, GPUs, Belt Loaders, Catering trucks.
Also, non GSE: Security Scanners, office equipment.


MoonJet Flight Support
4/26/2015 3:35:58 PM

A Sales & Marketing Executive for USA, should be residing in California, Florida, New York or Texas.

-As Sales & Marketing executive, he (she) will be involved in developing marketing strategy that promote MoonJet International flight services mainly related to providing ; permits, handling and fuel for all Aircrafts.

-The role requires public relations & professional communication skills to reach Charter companies and Aircraft owners like TWC Aviation, Clay Lacy, Universal Jet…etc being our clients segment.

-The main responsibility would be to approach similar clients in order to use our flight services, for MoonJet to be their main Aviation Service Provider.

So if you were interested to occupy this post & have the potentials for all the above, please send your C.V to our email, with some additional info specifying your age, experience, nationality, languages and residence.

And please state your motivations that encourage you to take this Job.

Also I would like to request that you provide attached a coloured personal photo & another one with full height to complete our interview process.

Ms. Razan Kahwaji. Contact email:        


Closing date: May 2, 2015

TAC Air To Construct New Executive Terminal
4/23/2015 4:55:33 PM
FBO Chain to Break Ground at Clinton National Airport in Little Rock

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (April 20, 2015) –TAC Air will soon break ground on a new world-class executive terminal at the Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport (LIT) in Little Rock, Arkansas. The well-appointed facility will feature amenities such as a conference room, pilot lounge, flight planning area, and passenger waiting. In addition, there will be a theater room, outdoor patio and pilot rest areas. Completion of the project is expected by spring 2016.

TAC Air LIT Executive Terminal

Conceptual drawing of the street entrance of the new TAC Air LIT executive terminal.

The new executive terminal will be located next to the North Terminal at LIT, where TAC Air consolidated operations after the acquisition of FBO services from Central Flying Service February 1, 2015.  Approximately six months prior, in August 2014, TAC Air entered the Little Rock market with the purchase of the assets of  fixed base operator Supermarine, expanding the TAC Air FBO network to 14 locations.

TAC Air is drawing inspiration for the LIT executive terminal from its facility in Lexington, Kentucky (LEX). Kip Simanek, who was the general manager for TAC Air LEX during its new executive terminal design and construction project, transferred to TAC Air LIT in January of this year. According to TAC Air VP & COO Christian Sasfai, “Kip successfully led the operation during not only extensive redevelopment of the leasehold, but also through a consolidation of FBOs at LEX when TAC Air acquired the assets of Air 51. His specific experience with such undertakings will be a valuable asset at LIT.” Christian Sasfai and Kip Simanek are both working on the LIT redevelopment project with architect Jerry Herndon, who designed TAC Air’s executive terminal at LEX.

The executive terminal construction is just one component of an $11 million redevelopment and expansion project TAC Air committed to under its lease terms with the Clinton National Airport. Once the new terminal is operational, plans are for the North Terminal to be demolished to make way for additional hangar space.

Operating since 1986, TAC Air has won numerous awards for safety and customer service, including being named “#1 FBO Chain” twice in recent years by the readers of Professional Pilot magazine.

Airport Security Changes
4/21/2015 5:14:03 PM

USA: WASHINGTON DC (AP) — The Transportation Security Administration is tightening security rules for airline and airport workers in the wake of a criminal case in which an Atlanta baggage handler was accused of smuggling guns on commercial jets, Homeland Security Jeh Johnson said Monday (20APR).

In the immediate aftermath of the December arrest, Johnson ordered a 90-day review of security measures and now the agency is closing some security gaps the review highlighted.

Among the changes announced on Monday are new rules requiring real-time, recurring criminal background checks for aviation workers, including airline employees. Fingerprint-based background checks will also now be conducted every two years for airport employees who hold Secure Identification Display Area badges.

Johnson said airport and airline workers traveling as passengers will also have to go through TSA screening before boarding a flight. The number of access points to secure areas will be reduced to an "operational minimum," he said.

The security review and subsequent changes were made in the aftermath of a gun smuggling case involving an Atlanta-based baggage handler who was accused of helping smuggle weapons from Atlanta to New York on passenger aircraft.

Johnson said the security changes will greatly reduce "the potential insider threat" posed by aviation employees.

Signum Aviation - Ops Controller Vacancy
4/21/2015 2:53:25 PM
South Aer FBO/EICK
4/19/2015 4:47:15 PM

South Aer FBO, Cork International/EICK unveil location map/new introduction card.


MCAS 2015
4/19/2015 2:47:37 PM
Belgian National Industrial Action 22APR
4/18/2015 12:46:39 PM
Belgian National Industrial Action 22 April 2015.

A national public service strike has been called for Wednesday 22 April in Belgium.
The extent of the disruption to buildings and roads is uncertain at this time, but there will definitely be no SNCB services (international trains being cancelled as of the evening of Tuesday 21 April), and public transport (trains, trams, buses and metros) is expected to be suspended.

Operators are advised to check with local agents for availability of services and expected disruption to infrastructure.
Italian ATC Strike Cancelled
4/18/2015 12:43:07 PM
ATC Industrial action in Italy 21 April 2015- CANCELLED
The industrial action foreseen on: 21 of April 2015 has been cancelled
NOTE: LIPX & LIPY newsfeed


Italian ATC Strike LIPY & LIPX
4/18/2015 12:41:12 PM
Local strike in ITALY on 21 April 2015 LIPY and LIPX
There are the two remaining airports on strike in Italy on 21/04/2015 from 1100 until 1500 UTC

Avfuel & Marshall Aviation
4/17/2015 5:10:10 PM

APRIL 16, 2015. Marshall Aviation Services, UK (BHX/EGBB), the business aviation segment of the Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group, announces their partnership with Avfuel as a member of the global network of Avfuel Branded FBOs. Located at Birmingham Airport with its’ 10,000 ft. runway, Marshall Aviation guests will enjoy a newly constructed 44,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art facility that includes 27,000 square feet of hangar space. A beautiful wall of glass windows along the front of the building provides an excellent view of all aircraft on the ramp.

“Marshall Aviation Services is an absolute asset to the Birmingham Airport,” says Marci Ammerman, Vice President Marketing for Avfuel. “Avfuel is proud to partner with an FBO with such standards of excellence. They offer first class handling services and are equipped to accommodate even the largest aircraft with hangarage, low cost apron parking, aircraft operations, line-service, charter, aircraft management and more.”

According to James Dillon-Godfray, Vice President Business Development, “Birmingham Airport ranks among the top 10 business airports in the UK; it is considered to be desirable alternative to congested London Airspace. We take pride in providing the very best services to every individual guest that utilizes our facilities,” says Dillon-Godfray. “Those traveling for business will appreciate our proximity to International Convention Centre (ICC) and helicopter shuttle services to London.”


New FBO at Belfast international/EGAA
4/16/2015 2:04:26 PM
01 April 2015: Global Trek Aviation is announcing its arrival as the new high energy, vibrant and highly experienced FBO provider to the Corporate/Ferry and Military Aviation market place.

When it comes to looking after customers needs, Global Trek Aviation is the new kid on the block and wiling to go the extra mile for your aircraft operations.

Whether it be Corporate/ Ferry / Military or Pleasure we will ensure that your aircraft and customers experience of our FBO team and facilities is excellent in every way.

Global Trek Aviation know that from years of experience in the FBO marketplace what works and what the customers expects and we always deliver what you need being customer service, safety and respect.

We go the extra mile so you don't have to!
Universal Aviation
4/15/2015 10:11:09 PM
Universal Aviation, the ground handling division of Universal Weather and Aviation, Inc., has announced at ABACE2015 that it will expand its presence in the Asia-Pacific region, with the addition of Universal Aviation Philippines, an FBO joint venture with Asian Aerospace Corporation. The FBO is headquartered at Manila International Airport (RPLL) and will begin operating as Universal Aviation Philippines in May.
EBACE 2015
4/15/2015 9:54:34 PM
Global FBO Consult will be attending EBACE 2015, Geneva, May 19, 20 & 21st

To set up a meeting drop us an email at:
Future of Business Aviation 2015
4/15/2015 9:52:32 PM
Global FBO Consult are proud sponsors of
The Future of Business Aviation Conference - FBO & Executive Handling Expo 2015

3rd ECAS
4/15/2015 9:50:01 PM
8th International Aircraft Repossession
4/15/2015 9:48:28 PM
Irish Business Aviation Association (IrBAA)
4/15/2015 9:14:19 PM

Irish Business Aviation Association (IrBAA) Launch                                            

February 19th 2015, London-Heathrow,
Future of Business Aviation Conference & FBO Expo 2015
The Irish Business Aviation Association was officially launched at the Future of Business Aviation Conference, Heathrow Airport, London on 19th February.
Launch Members are:
Bas de Bruijn – Deputy Director of Aviation EMC Corporation, Executive Member & Founder IrBAA.
Dave Scully – Dublin-Weston Executive Airport & AEM Aviation Consulting, President IrBAA
Joe McDermott – Global FBO Consult, CEO IrBAA
Pat Forde - South Aer FBO, Chairman IrBAA
The IrBAA's aim is to promote the growth & effectiveness of Business Aviation industry in Ireland and to achieve this by representation, monitoring, co-operation, promotion and information. In addition, IrBAA plan to have representation in Europe as a member of the European Council for General Aviation Support (ECOGAS) and plans to work closely with the European Business Aviation Association (EBAA).
According to founder Bas de Bruijn, “Establishing the IrBAA is a great step forward for the industry in Ireland. By uniting the Irish Aviation community and banding together as a group, we can utilize all of our collective worldwide experience to help make Ireland a better place for business and general aviation. We have had great feedback from the international business aviation community so far and we are looking forward representing the industry here in Ireland. We have a great management team supporting the association with a broad experience in the aviation industry.”
Dave Scully said “We hope to work closely with our colleagues at the European Business Aviation Association to cover the areas of Engineering, Flight Training & Safety. We would like to become members of the International Business Aviation Council so we have access to the decision makers at ICAO, the global body for aviation regulation. We also aim to affiliate with other organisations in various countries allowing us to interact with the IAA, EASA, Irish Government and the EU to better the fortunes of all sectors of Ireland’s business aviation industry”
Present at the launch was Jim O’Sullivan, owner of Dublin based Exchequer Aircraft Leasing who remarked “this is a very welcome development & will provide an excellent platform for business aviation interests in Ireland to co-operate into the future”
Pat Forde, Managing Director of South Aer Aviation Services (FBO) at Cork International Airport also welcomed the IrBAA launch, “The IrBAA will represent all stake holders in the sector, including FBOs, AOC holders, Charter Brokers, Leasing Agents, Part 145 facilities as well as Regional & International Airports.”
Dublin-Weston Executive Airport, Leixlip, County Kildare, Ireland
4/15/2015 9:04:23 PM

London Oxford Airport and London Biggin Hill Airport have asked the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) why Northolt does not fall under its regulatory control, despite its increasing numbers of civilian flights. It is currently still regulated as a military airport which means it has different restrictions, and they argue a commercial advantage, over other private jet airports serving the London area.

The result of a review - if it goes against the Ministry of Defence (MOD) - could see London's premier VIP airport, and the preferred airport for the Queen and royal household, sold for residential housing.

If the runway length was reduced (one of the possible outcomes), the resulting drop in business aviation revenue would mean the MOD could not justify continuing to run a runway at RAF Northolt. And selling the unused land in a prime West London location would be a commercial decision for the UK military, who are desperate to reduce expenditure. Essential military services at the base, such as the British Services Post Office, could be still retained but the site reduced considerably, by selling off the land taken up by the airfield and runway.

Previously purely a military airport, in the past decade RAF Northolt has been made available for private civilian flights - including those referred by nearby Heathrow (which has been scaling back its private flights at the same time).

And customers have been voting with their jets since, in ever increasing numbers. The cap on annual flight movements was recently increased to 12,000 from the previous limit of 7,000 - by 2016, it plans to offer 17,500.

Northolt's popularity has dented demand at other business aviation airports serving London during a challenging economic climate. In addition to Oxford and Biggin Hill, London's Luton and London Farnborough airports have also lost business (Farnborough has seen growth due to the uncapping of its own flight movements, but its demand would have been even greater).

Why is Northolt so popular for private jet customers?

There is no doubt that London RAF Northolt holds strong appeal with the private jet customer travelling to or from London. It offers a winning combination of location; (just 12 miles from the city centre); privacy; and service.

It's the closest private jet airport to Mayfair, with driving times from London RAF Northolt as little as 28 minutes. Compare this to the 1 hour 10 minutes from London Oxford, or just under an hour from Biggin Hill.

As the military airport used by the Queen and royal family, it has exceptional security and is very discreet for those looking to travel with a low profile.

It also has very high service levels. Since London City Airport took over the running of Northolt's Jet Centre in 2006, the airport has offered the same consistently high and efficient service as the City location - setting the standard for Europe.

What are the other airports objecting to?

London Biggin Hill and London Oxford airports have highlighted specific aspects of Northolt's infrastructure - such as a petrol station too close to the touchdown point - that would not be allowed if it was regulated by the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) but which meet Military Airports Authority (MAA) guidelines. They argue that the less rigorous MAA regulations give Northolt a competitive advantage over other London airports - and have also questioned its safety for civilian flights.

So what will happen next? Here's a summary of the situation, as I see it:

  1. The MOD would like to earn as much revenue from Northolt as possible - under the Wider Markets Initiative, which allows the military to look to gain commercial value from its assets that can't be reduced.
  2. Customers clearly like using Northolt - we see this all the time at PrivateFly. The demand is there for the reasons shown above. And this has upset other surrounding airports.
  3. The operational environment at Northolt (flight paths and airport infrastructure) is currently regulated under military guidelines. If Northolt was a civilian airport, regulated under the CAA, it would not be licensed.
  4. To change Northolt to meet civilian airport standards would either cost millions, or mean reducing the official length of the runway - restricting its use by bigger aircraft. Currently most sizes of private jet, up to large cabin aircraft, can land there. This would include the complication of how to handle flights by the Royal household, which are now predominately in CAA registered aircraft, and not with the Royal Air Force.
Biggin Hill and Oxford are absolutely right to request an explanation from the CAA as to why they are not enforcing their regulations at Northolt - as they have to operate under a significantly higher cost of business.
What is best for the business aviation customer?

London Biggin Hill has written formally to the CAA and is awaiting a reply, so we will keep a close eye on developments.

When the CAA is looking at this case, I hope they put interests of customers first. There will need to be a great deal of consideration given to balancing all the considerations of safety, and commercial fairness. But decisions to close runways are very rarely unpicked and can be a cause of regret. This was widely felt after the closure of Berlin Templehof (closed due to environmental concern, but a superb airport giving much improved access for Berlin).

If the CAA were to close RAF Northolt for civilian flights, it would be very difficult to reopen it. Ideally consideration of Northolt's role for private aviation in London should be included in the overall view on Heathrow. The debate on runway capacity in the South East of England has just got even more complicated, nobody likes upsetting the Queen!

• The safety of all civilian aircraft using government owned military aerodromes is the responsibility of the Civil Aviation Authority.

• CAA now responsible for deciding if RAF Northolt is safe for use by civil aircraft.

• As a result taxpayers could potentially be facing a bill in excess of £20 million.

• RAF Northolt admitted (by MOD and CAA) that it does not comply with Civil Aviation safety standards.

• Ruling impacts all civilian flights using military aerodromes, including 12,000 civilian flights a year at RAF Northolt

Previously, as part of a policy of attracting 12,000 more business jets a year to RAF Northolt in west London, Ministers had repeatedly argued that they didn’t need to meet stricter, costlier civilian safety standards – only military ones – and that the CAA had no regulatory powers at military aerodromes.

This meant that smaller private airports reliant on business jets were being significantly undermined, as RAF Northolt became a competitor without incurring the higher costs of complying with civilian safety standards.

London Oxford and Biggin Hill Airports, represented by John Steel QC, lodged an application for a Judicial Review, arguing that military aerodromes should be regulated by the CAA and subject to equivalent safety standards that would apply to civilian airports, as mandated by the UK Civil Aviation Authority (UK CAA).

This Judicial Review has now clarified the position – the CAA and the Secretary of State for Transport are responsible for the safety of all civilian flights using RAF Northolt and other military aerodromes in the U.K. The safety of military flights remains the responsibility of the Military Aviation Authority.

In evidence submitted to the Judicial Review, it has been suggested that the costs to the taxpayer of meeting equivalent safety standards as would apply at a civilian airport would run into the tens of millions. For example, the MOD submitted evidence that suggested that measures to address a lack of adequate emergency runway run off areas to allow for potential under/over-shooting aircraft would alone cost in excess of £21 million at a time of defence cutbacks.

The Judgment is also likely to have a major impact on an ongoing E.U competition investigation concerning State Aid, and requested by London Oxford and Biggin Hill Airports. Should the Commission finds that the MOD have been unfairly competing with the private sector the compensation bill could run into many tens of millions.

In welcoming the Judgment, Will Curtis, Managing Director of Biggin Hill Airport in SE London, said ‘Despite a serious crash in 1996 in which an aircraft overran the runway and collided with a vehicle on the A40 trunk road, RAF Northolt evidently believed it was entitled to bypass many internationally accepted aviation safety measures – measures that civil airports such as ours are required to maintain. Lower safety standards at military aerodromes are unacceptable, not only for those in the aviation industry, but also for passengers and those in the surrounding community on the ground.

The Judgment now for the first time clarifies that the CAA has statutory responsibility for safety in relation to use of RAF Northolt by civil aircraft. This is long overdue as the relevant legislation goes back to 1982. I am sure that they will want to quickly consider their position regarding the safety standards for civil aircraft at RAF Northolt."

ATC Restrictions, Italy
4/15/2015 8:57:47 PM
EuroControl - Italian ATC Industrial Action - 21 April 2015
An ATC national strike is called from 1100 until 1500 UTC on 21st April 2015. NOTAM not yet available
ATC Restrictions, France
4/15/2015 8:55:42 PM
EuroControl - French ATC Industrial Action - 16, 17 & 18 April 2015
13 April 2015
Landmark Aviation
4/15/2015 8:49:31 PM
Landmark Aviation to buy Era Group Alaska FBO

Era Group has reached an agreement to sell its FBO business at Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport to Landmark Aviation who already have a network of 68 fixed based operations in the U.S., Canada, and Western Europe. Under the terms of a purchase and sale agreement, Piedmont Hawthorne Aviation LLC, part of the Landmark Aviation network, will acquire Era Group's subsidiary, Era FBO LLC, through a 100% equity purchase. The deal, which is expected to close during the second quarter of 2015, is subject to customary closing conditions.
Aurora Aviation, Fujairah
4/15/2015 8:49:31 PM
Aurora Aviation, Fujairah International Airport/OMFJ/FJR

The good news for the UK is that business aviation movements have picked up showing a 3.4% increase in 2014, equivalent to 280 extra flights per month and turboprop flying is up 7% year on year * However, this recovery is still relatively fragile and as such it is ever important that regulators setting policy in the UK fully appreciate the impact of their decisions. Unfortunately, there is still this ongoing perception (by regulators, government agencies) that our community is all about providing luxury travel for a privileged few. We have seen little recognition that our offering is corporate stimulation for inward investment to the UK and one that supports growing our exports of goods and services from the UK.

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