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Segun Demuren becomes AfBAA’s Chairman of the International Committee
9/30/2016 1:45:11 PM
Segun Demuren becomes AfBAA’s Chairman of the International Committee   
The African Business Aviation Association (AfBAA) has today confirmed Mr. Segun Demuren, CEO of Nigeria-based EAN, as the association’s Chairman of the International Committee. Segun and EAN has supported AfBAA since its inception by being one of the association's Founding Members and a Director at AfBAA’s Board of Directors. Since AfBAA’s launch Segun has been very active and a strong vocal representative for the organisation. He is frequently present at the AfBAA symposia and at AfBAA Pavilions at EBACE.
Segun will support AfBAA’s Founding Chairman Tarek Ragheb and AfBAA’s Executive Director Rady Fahmy in building strong bridges with Africa’s Ministries of Transportation and Civil Aviation Authorities, international organizations such as AFCAC and other stakeholders that will be informed about the benefits of business aviation to the economy and profile raising of Africa’s position on the international aviation landscape. “We are delighted that Segun is taking up this prestigious and extremely important role for AfBAA. He understands the Association, our mission and vision, as well as having first-hand knowledge of the challenges affecting the growth of business aviation on the continent,” said Ragheb.

Volo Aviation move into Ogdensburg
9/29/2016 8:44:34 PM
Volo Aviation has been awarded a contract to serve as the FBO at the Ogdensburg International Airport.
A  press release from the Ogdensburg Bridge and Port Authority, states Volo Aviation, based in Stratford, Connecticut, is expected initially to be responsible for ramp operations at the Ogdensburg.

Volo Aviation Senior VP, Brian Ciambra, said the company, which helps manage FBOs at airports in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Florida, North Carolina and New York, has extensive experience in the market sector.

“We are confident that we can grow the business at OGS while at the same time enhancing the customer experience,” Mr. Ciambra said.

The airport is in the final stages of a US$26M expansion project that included lengthening the runway, renovating the passenger terminal and adding a 425 space parking lot.
Santa Monica, FAA & NBAA step in
9/28/2016 10:20:05 PM
The Federal Aviation Administration has announced that it will investigate City of Santa Monica owned Santa Monica Municipal Airports "starvation strategy" which could close the city's embattled airport within two years.

Santa Monica Airport officials have told Atlantic Aviation Services & American Flyers, the two major tenants that provide FBO & fuel services, to leave by Oct. 15.
"The FAA strongly recommends that the city withdraw the notices to vacate until such a time as this matter can be resolved," the agency said.
FAA officials said they also plan to scrutinize the city's airport leasing policy, a proposal to limit fuel sales & efforts to reduce jet operations until federal courts rule on whether the airport can be shut down, .
"These actions may be causing, and appear intended to cause, impairment of the airport, including, but not limited to a de facto closure of the airport in violation of applicable law" the FAA said in a notification to the city.



Santa Monica was the birth place of the worlds most produced airliner, the Douglas DC-3. The airport has been in continued use as such since the early 1920s.


Both FBOs have filed emergency requests for the FAA to halt the eviction process. The FAA responded with a notice of investigation (NOI) requiring the city to explain its rationale for the evictions within 10 days, with a “strong” recommendation that the city halt the eviction process until the agency’s investigative process is
completed. The FAA also subpoenaed city representatives to appear, in person, at an October 12 agency hearing on the matter.

The National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) has welcomed the prompt action by the FAA to investigate the attempt by the City of Santa Monica to evict the two longstanding service providers on the field.

Stacy Howard, NBAA’s Western regional representative, noted the FAA’s response reflects concerns from industry stakeholders
about the city’s actions. "While federal regulations may allow the city to operate its own FBO, Santa Monica is certainly not prepared to provide an equivalent level of service by Oct. 15,” she added. “It is also unlikely the city would ever do so in a manner beneficial to the airport and its aviation users."
Monroe Regional, Louisiana
9/21/2016 8:50:21 PM

Avflight has expanded its FBO network to 16 locations with its latest acquisition of JPS Aviation, the lone service provider at Louisiana’s Monroe Regional Airport/KMLU, Louisiana, USA. 

Its facility features a 6,000 sq ft two story terminal with pilots' lounge, snooze room, shower facilities, outdoor balcony, 10 seat conference room & onsite car rental. The location also offers 150,000 sq ft of hangar space capable of storing super-midsize jets> Avflight is in the process of having the facility’s Part 145 maintenance and avionics certificate transferred.

“Joining Avflight is a grand opportunity for our FBO and the airport,” said John Mullen, the FBO’s general manager. ‘We’ve always delivered a high standard of service, but the level of support and branding recognition Avflight provides will help us thrive in an evolving market for years to come.”

FBO files Part 16 against the City of Santa Monica
9/15/2016 1:16:46 PM


FBO Files Part 16 complaint against the City of Santa Monica, Calif.
Atlantic Aviation asks FAA to compel the city to renegotiate its lease in good faith
In the continuing battle over Santa Monica Airport (KSMO) Atlantic Aviation, an FBO based on the aerodrome, has filing a Part 16 complaint with the FAA.
In its complaint, Atlantic Aviation says the city has not acted in good faith in negotiating a new, long-term lease with the FBO because of its long held intention to close the airport.
In the complaint, Atlantic Aviation, which has operated at KSMO since 2007, describes itself as the only full service FBO at the airport. It employs 30 people and provides services to based and visiting general and business aircraft operators, servicing an average of 36 aircraft per day. Atlantic leases 33 hangars from the city, which it subleases to aircraft owners and others, as well as office space,
some of which are also subleased. According to the document submitted to the FAA, a policy adopted by the City Council in March that would nearly double its rent to $40,000 per month, and was in effect for only 30 days. The complaint with the FAA documents the long history of the city's attempts to close the airport and what Atlantic Aviation describes as the lack of good faith effort on the part of the city in negotiating with the FBO and other  tenants.
The complaint requests that the FAA take any and all actions that are necessary and appropriate to ensure that the City is in compliance with its obligations as sponsor of SMO. Specifically, Complainant requests that the FAA issue an order directing the city to
(1) immediately reenter the written Holdover Agreement it previously negotiated with the Complainant
(2) negotiate in good faith with the Complainant toward a long-term lease renewal (a minimum of 3 years) at competitive market rates, and without restrictions intended to eliminate or reduce aviation usage of the airport
(3) to maintain the full range of FBO services at the Airport with no limitation or restrictions that will have the effect, intended or otherwise, of limiting air traffic at
the airport.
The FBO has asked that the FAA expedite its request, as the city's new FBO policy directs the City Manager to serve Atlantic Aviation with an eviction notice on September 15, 2016 or soon thereafter, and the city would take over the business as a proprietary operation by December 31, 2016. "If the city is permitted to do either, Complainant will be irreparably harmed," the company says in the document.
James Chen joins JetLease
9/14/2016 10:29:40 PM
JetLease welcomes James Chen as it expands its presence in China
PALM BEACH: JetLease, the world's largest private aviation leasing company, is pleased to announce the addition of James Chen to its international team as it expands its operations in China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan.
Chen has more than 25 years of manufacturing and international trade experience, and has owned and operated businesses in China, Hong Kong and Canada. Fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese, Fukienese and English, Chen serves as the official trade and investment representative of Tianjin City as well as vice chairman of the Association of Family Offices in Asia, specializing in business and investment strategies for high net-worth entrepreneurs.
“The addition of James will strengthen our ability to meet the unique needs of our Asian-based clients as well as facilitate opportunities for our international clients looking to develop or expand operations in the region," said Russell Dise, president of JetLease.
Chen will work closely with Katy Glynn, based in the JetLease Chicago office. "Katy has extensive experience working with business aviation in China and will be our U.S. point of contact for these opportunities," said Dise.
"I am honored to be working with JetLease to bring their 30 years of aviation experience in
leasing, financing and aircraft sales to the Greater China Region," said Chen, who will be based in Hong Kong. "I’m particularly pleased to offer Asian-based aircraft owners the financial benefits of leasing their under-utilized aircraft. We do this by eliminating their fixed costs and generating revenue
Regional Airports Government Support
9/14/2016 5:55:11 PM

14SEP2016: Ireland. An allocation of €870,000 has been announced for Waterford Regional Airport by Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport, Shane Ross. It is part of an overall allocation of €2.7 million in funding support for the four regional airports in Donegal, Ireland West Airport Knock, Kerry and Waterford.

The Waterford funding, however, will only be confirmed when the resumption of scheduled passenger services has been secured by airport authorities. The airport authorities in Waterford are in discussions with a number of airlines with a view to securing a replacement carrier for VLM Airlines which filed for bankruptcy protection in Belgium in June.

The Exchequer grant allocations are being made under the Regional Airports Programme 2015-2019, which was approved last year by the EU Commission and administered by my Department. The funding is aimed at assisting with capital investment on various projects at the four regional airports over the coming months in the areas of safety and security such as CCTV monitoring equipment, repairs to taxiways, aprons and perimeter roads, upgrades to electrical systems and winter-ready equipment.”

In the case of Waterford it is envisaged that when the money is drawn down it will be used in part toward acquiring properties by way of compulsory purchase as a first step towards the runway extension

AirOps Europe
9/8/2016 6:35:08 PM
AirOps Europe is a unique event offering the business aviation support community a powerful & cost-effective platform to network & market their services in Europe.

Taking place 12-13 October in Cannes, France, this inaugural event will bring business aviation operators & the support community in Europe together in one forum for priceless marketing opportunities & insights, as well as a unique chance to engage in an industry dialogue on such key issues as harmonized standardization & enabling legislation.
Nuno Pereira becomes vice chairman of AfBAA
9/6/2016 12:01:31 PM

Press release 6 September 2016


Nuno Pereira becomes vice chairman of AfBAA as membership growth continues


Members of the African Business Aviation Association (AfBAA) have voted in Nuno Pereira, MD of Angola-based BestFly, as the Association’s Vice-Chairman. Nuno has been regularly involved with AfBAA since inception with BestFly committing to its Founding member status at an early stage. Since launch he has been extremely active and a strong vocal representative for the organisation. He is frequently present at the AfBAA symposia, AfBAA Pavilions, and also hosted the Association’s second members only Rendezvous event, at BestFly’s Luanda home base in February 2015.

Nuno will support Association Founding Chairman Tarek Ragheb in lobbying African governments and educating them about the benefits of business aviation to the economy; profile raising of Africa’s position on the international aviation landscape; and in his supplementary role as Chair of the Budgeting Committee will manage forward finance and budgeting. “We are delighted that Nuno is taking up this prestigious and extremely important role for AfBAA. He understands the Association, our mission and vision, as well as having first-hand knowledge of the challenges affecting the growth of business aviation on the continent,” said Ragheb. “Nuno is also an astute businessman which will ensure he can add value to our strategic development. We thank Achuzie Ezenagu for his work in this role until now, and look forward to developing it further with Nuno.”

Nuno joins AfBAA’s Board at a period of growth as it confirms a 20% rise in membership numbers in the last six months. Now, with 111 members, AfBAA is preparing for the first ever African Business Aviation Conference, AfBAC, which will be held in Cape Town, South Africa this year on 17 and 18 November. The event is already attracting leading aviation experts as speakers, and eminent aviation companies as sponsors. Confirmed speakers include representatives from OEMs Bombardier and Gulfstream, as well as principal operator Execujet. Nigeria-based fractional ownership business ANAP Jets is making its debut as an AfBAA event sponsor as it takes an Emerald sponsorship, whilst Universal Aviation and Weather Inc., which has been a consistent supporter of the Association, takes Ruby sponsorship. The association has also announced Ethiopian Airlines as the confirmed Official Carrier of the conference.

The new look conference will incorporate international speakers from a wide range of industries. Alongside regular maintenance, finance and training topics, new and varied panels will cover subjects including the use of aircraft in anti--poaching, lessons to be learned from commercial aviation, flying humanitarian missions in Africa and the pilot’s experience. An Innovation Zone section will look at developing trends.

AfBAA has also added a new sparkle to the event through the creation of a five-tier gemstone sponsorship structure with an amber category leading the way, followed by emerald, sapphire, ruby and diamond options. “We always try and be inclusive at AfBAA which is why we have introduced a cost-effective sponsorship in our amber option,” explains Fahmy. “We would like to encourage the small to medium size business’s to get involved. As an event sponsor it helps their visibility, and enables them to be seen in a dedicated aviation environment by fellow professionals. We hope our nod to South Africa’s gemstone industry will appeal to a whole new set of sponsors.”   

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